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There is something unique about being mentored by another person who understands the challenges you go through each day. With a WOC mentor on hand to offer their advice and experience, WOC can be comfortable in the knowledge that their mentor not only has the skills and experience to help them think about and navigate their career but is also best placed to share their experience on how to deal with challenging situations (micro-aggressions for example) and can offer insightful help and advice.

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The WOCGN pathways programme has been designed by WOC for WOC professionals. The programme supports and advocates for high-potential global majority women, at any stage in their career.

Mentors are carefully selected for their expertise, commitment and dedication to supporting the next generation of WOC leaders and have a wide range of industry, business and personal experiences to help mentees build confidence, grow opportunities and advance their careers.


Key features:

  • 1:1 Mentoring over 9 months with a senior woman of colour professional - receive tailored advice and support to navigate career advancement and overcome barriers.

  • Bespoke matching - matched with a woman tailored to your specific needs.

  • Check-ins and evaluation - 2 x check-ins with the Pathways programme manager on progress and opportunities for feedback.

  • Access to 4 x WOCGN Trailblaze events a year offering networking opportunities with a diverse community of women of colour professionals from a range of industries, fostering collaboration and support.

  • Access to resources: Gain access to online resources, including best practices and tools to support your professional development.


Pricing: Price per head*
Enquire for details

"The most satisfying aspect of the programme was being matched up with an amazing WOC  mentor who just understood my point of view, perspective, life experiences and was able to validate and guide me."

WOCGN Mentee

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If you're interested in becoming a WOCGN Mentor and joining our vibrant mentor community then please register your interest. 

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