Become a WOCGN Mentee

Whether you’re looking to grow a business, or to gain skills and insights to step into a new role or career, becoming a WOCGN mentee will give you access to WOC mentors to guide you in accelerating your professional and personal development. You’ll benefit from exposure to new ideas, skills and ways of thinking, as well as insights on how to nurture your strengths and minimise your weaknesses. You’ll also expand your network, which in turn will help you access more opportunities.


You’ll develop confidence, acquire tools to help you to elevate your voice, plus new ideas and strategies to progress your career – and meaningful connections within the WOCGN community. To enroll, simply complete our online questionnaire, telling us about you and your journey, your objectives for mentorship, and the type of mentor you’re looking for.

Become a WOCGN Mentor

Becoming WOCGN mentor means investing in the advancement of women of colour and their futures. Join us, and you’ll be uplifting and promoting the work and experience of WOC from all industries and walks of life, providing them with invaluable skills and experience. 


What’s more, you’ll also be reinforcing your knowledge within your subject area, while improving your communication and interpersonal skills. Plus you’ll be able to further develop your qualities in leadership and management.

We actively welcome mentors with different backgrounds, ages and skill sets – and we truly value every prospective mentor’s interest in the programme. Our matching process is thorough and thoughtful, and will be led by our applicant questionnaire. Mentoring is very much a two-way process, and we want it to be rewarding, enjoyable and interesting for everyone involved.

How it Works

Supported by mentoring platform Pushfar, our programme matches mentees and mentors through a questionnaire. The platform can then be used to schedule meetings, organise video calls (if this is your preferred way to communicate), and track progress against your objectives.


Our one-to-one programme takes place entirely online over a three month period, with the option to extend it to six months. We’ll be accepting our very first applications in September 2021, when we’ll also hold a mentor orientation event. All applications will be reviewed and mentees matched with mentors by October 2021. We’ll check in with you along the way, and if mentee and mentor are both happy, you’ll work together until March 2022.


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