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Everyone needs a mentor. The benefits of having one are clear: you can gain advice on navigating workplace dynamics, build concrete skills, and develop a road map on how to carve out your career. However finding a mentor can be challenging – and, as a WOC in particular, it’s something you may not have even considered.


Our cross-sector scheme provides online, one-to-one mentoring for WOC wanting to advance their careers. We place women of colours’ individual experiences at the centre of our programme, and our mentors take time to understand their mentees’ challenges and needs. Professionals from multiple sectors with diverse backgrounds, our mentors share one thing in common: they’re invested in the advancement of WOC and their futures – and they’re willing to share their knowledge, insights and connections, and participate in meaningful and safe conversations. 

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Whether you’re unemployed, about to enter the workplace, making a career transition, an experienced leader, or you have your own business, our coaches will work with you – one-on-one or within a group – to advance your career. 

As women of colour, our behaviours are often formed by underlying cultural values and the unique challenges we face. WOCGN’s coaching asks you to examine your behaviours, helping you reassess where you’ve found yourself, and to use this self-reflection to expand your capabilities.

Our coaches will work collaboratively with you throughout this process, while also helping you find the right tools and strategies to deal with issues such as microaggressions in the workplace. The aim? To enable you to self-advocate, educate those around you, and examine your beliefs – so you can decide which are serving you, and which you should let go.