Why Coaching?

Inequities are part of most women of colours’ everyday lives, which means we often face very specific and personal challenges. And this in turn can impact the way we feel and behave in our personal and professional lives. 

A coach will also help you identify your goals, and help you draw up a plan for how you’ll achieve them. They’ll also provide you with space to talk candidly about the issues you face as a woman of colour. From these discussions, our programme will challenge you to take action, and in so doing, help you acquire the tools you need to achieve greater visibility and build the kind of lasting connections that will influence your career. 

Our Approach

Our one-to-one and group coaching programmes are based on a central belief that each of us holds our own answers within. So a WOCGN coach’s role is to partner with you, providing you with space, support and constructive challenges, so you can connect with your own inner wisdom. And through this process of discovery, you’ll gain a greater sense of perspective: of yourself, those around you, and the situations you face.

Our Coaches

Our executive and life coaches are all women of colour with strong management and leadership skills. They have backgrounds in sectors including media, business, arts, health, science and higher education.


As WOC in leadership roles, they all have their own lived experiences, and they understand the wider systems that women of colour have to operate within. It’s this knowledge and insight that drives them to support other women of colour like you; that makes them want to help you reach 

 your goals. 


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If you’re interested in finding out more about WOCGN coaching, please email us at